This moment is amazing. For obvious reasons, this scene is very emotional. Al finally has his body back.

Ed and Al are returning alive.

They are finally back where they belong.

And Winry can cry now. She made a promise to them that she would only cry of happiness when this happened.

She didn’t have to wait or worry anymore.

And Winry is so overjoyed that she jumps (pretty high off the ground, I might add) and tackles them. Two teenage boys who just saved a whole country are taken down by a teenage girl. 

And she is finally crying tears of joy. But do you see Al in the manga picture? He is crying, too. Because seeing her like this really hits him. He is home in his own body.

And let’s not forget about Ed. Do you see how happy he is in the manga? He’s not crying, but his smile is so wide. You can tell that this is his happiest moment, too!

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