Seeing the date that your home was destroyed carved on your watch, I now understand…


Shaking the hand, Quon noted the voice of whomever was inside the armor seemed…quite possibly too young to be charged with whatever reason he had of being inside. He wanted to question, but felt it would be rude, so he kept quiet about it.

"Can you tell me where I am, Alphonse? I met you and I seem lost."


"Oh, sure! We are in Amestris! Do you know where you are trying to go?"

angelic-knight said: "Al~Long time no see"the queen smiled greeting him

"Hi! It has been a long time, huh?"

viletheroguehunter said: *Purple light beams down within a town of Amestris.* "Where exactly am I? This doesn't look all future technology to me, way scaled back down for my sort of era. The environment is less damaged and nature looks peaceful than it was."

"Wh-where did you come from, Mister?"

venomdancermuses said: "Hi, Alphonse!" Kiata said smiling as she walked up to him.

"Hello there!"

louismephistophelesfaust said: Dear Santa, I don't want much for Christmas. I just want the person reading this to remain in my life forever. Send this to the people you don't wanna lose :) I love you forever xx:)

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"I’ve missed spending time with you, Wendy."

midst-anima said: ♔ ♚

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"Hmm… Well… I intend to have a few pet cats once I get my body back!"

Um, I’m obsessed with Roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter :)

Anonymous said: 134 (al)

134-A description of the girl/boy you like

"W-well… They would have to be kind, smart, like cats, and… accept me and my brother for who we are…"

dukevenomania said:

卐: Things that annoy me most as a roleplayer

Really the biggest thing for me as a roleplayer, is that I hate how much time roleplaying takes up. Its kind of overwhelming. That’s why I only really get on here during breaks from school.

I also hate that everyone is amazing at writing and i suk